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Wow. Eleven days since my last entry. That's the biggest gap yet.

Things have been very busy. As the merry month of May progressed, the cold reality of a hard deadline at work loomed. I was going on vacation on May 22, and certain software by yours truly had to be delivered. As the task of producing the desired deliverable seemed ever more like the trials of Sysiphus, it began to absorb more and more of my time.

Things came to a head on Wednesday of this week. I was leaving to visit the parental units the following day. Software had to be finished... though "finished" turned out to be a moving target. I believe I worked a full 40+ hour week in three days. When I was done, I had software that worked... though not containing all the features that I could have hoped for.

Oh well.

In the meanwhile, various kinds of mayhem ensued. I upgraded my computer at home, replacing a five year old CPU, motherboard, and memory with modern (though not the top of the line) replacements. This certainly gives my computer at home a certain snap that it hasn't had in years.

I have learned that most fiendish of operating systems Windows XP handles this sort of hardware change, but not perfectly. It turned out that the change caused the software I use to work from home to no longer function correctly. This raised my blood pressure another couple notches as I could not work from home for a brief while... and with deadlines looming, I needed to work from home.

At the same time, however, my errand to replace these parts resulted in damage to my car. I was parked in a multi-level parking structure. As I was backing out, I misjudged the distance between my car and a large truck across the aisle. As the truck rides to much higher off the road than mine does, its bumper rode up over the top of mine and put a dent in the truck (or for my British readers, the boot) of my car. It was minor damage, and hurt my pride more than it probably hurt my car.

Finally, there has been marital mayhem of the best kind. A ring has been repaired, a proposal has been made, and an answer of yes has been given. Forms have been filed with the Catholic Church and deposits have been made. The Church is going to make us wait at least six months and Fiancee S. wants a summer wedding, so... it looks like the happy day will occur sometime in June 2004.

Of course, we have now both learned that "congratulations-have-you-set-a-date-yet?" is really all one word.

I am also being asked questions... questions like what music will we have during the Mass? The Parish where we will be married has a form for such things, and it includes may lovely though standard choices in sacred music. Since I know that a choralier or two has been known to read my words, perhaps those enlightened few could make some suggestions in case I need to think outside the box?

In any case, I have temporarily fled the madness near hearth and home for the next week or so. Instead, I get to spend some time with the parental units in the land of my birth. I just got back from visiting with a childhood friend who I met when his desk was next to mine in the First Grade. He will most likely be the Best Man at my wedding. We celebrated that by opening a bottle of the Signatory 14 year old Laphroig -- a truly wonderous dram possessing many of the virtues and few of the vices of other bottlings of Laphroig.

said drgeek on 2003-05-24 at 1:03 a.m.


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