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Weddings and what immediately follows have been on my mind during the last 24 hours.

I had my first extensive dream about getting married last night. It did not feel particularly bad because I almost watched it unfold as a detached observer. I dreamt that I was back in the state of my birth, preparing to get married in the church where I grew up. At first, the tuxes didn't arrive. Then, they didn't fit. Then, we somehow made them fit and it was ok. Then, I realized that we had somehow forgotten to have a rehearsal. Then, there was some mayhem regarding where to sleep the night before my wedding... though it appeared that I eventually bunked down in some imaginary wing of my Aunt's house (for reasons not clear to me). I don't think Fiancee S., her bridesmaids, or any of the environs where I actually will be married figured heavily into this dream. I'm not sure why.

A likely guess is that I've been having trouble settling on a set of groomsmen. I asked two cousins (my Aunt's sons) to be groomsmen. One said yes, gladly. The other is experiencing health problems that limit his ability to travel for an unknown period of time into the future. My Aunt has told me that I may want to choose someone else if some deadline must be met soon. I've arranged for an "understudy" who has agreed to fill that slot, if need be. I was thinking last night that it might be time to make a decision about this. All of this thought about groomsmen likely focused my unconscious mind on aspects of my wedding related to home and family.

The "what comes after" part relates to a segment of this new MTV show I saw over the weekend: Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. For those not following the celebrity weddings this season, the union of Nick Lachey (Justin Timberlake wannabe from boy band 98 Degrees) and Jessica Simpson (Britney Spears wannabe) has been very big in the wedding magazines and tabloid press. Think of it as a teen pop culture publicists match made in heaven: the boy band prince and the pop princess enjoying a chaste, beautiful courtship ending in a fairytale wedding with her first sex on their wedding night.

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica picks up on the story after the wedding hoopla has died down. It just goes to show that even with all the teen pop star money in the world, there are still some problems. Like what, you ask? Well, she's a slob and he's cheap. She's a slob, you say? Yes. It seems that she's had either her mother or a hotel maid cleaning up after her since she got a recording contract at 14 years old. He's been much more independent and doing his own laundry since grade school. He's also cheap: a maid is an extravagance, he says, as is hiring a professional moving crew to move stuff out of his bachelor condo into their new, shared domicile. Given all the moving of stuff that Fiancee S. and I have been doing these last months, it was actually kind of nice to see somebody famous call up his brother, rent a U-Haul, and move stuff.

I can't say that this is all riveting stuff, however. Mostly, I see it as a story of a young couple who haven't really learned to communicate with someone they live with yet. For instance, when Nick expects Jessica to do laundry and she obviously doesn't, he doesn't seem to be interested in providing much help to show her how. As beautiful as they both are to look at, I don't think this sort of thing will hold anyone's interest for very long.

said drgeek on 2003-08-26 at 10:12 a.m.


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