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a semi-auspicious date

Today is a semi-auspicious date around the Geek household: it is now one month until Fiancee S. becomes Mrs. Geek and there are two weeks left until the current school year ends for Fiancee S. I think we are both looking forward to each of these milestones.

Wedding planning is slowly but surely wearing us down, and it is starting to show. I ended up calling my Mom last night to see if she had any advance information about a number of outstanding wedding invites and she said "it can't be any fun to work all day and then get home to deal with all this too." She's right. I'm so very glad that we took a full year to plan this event... because the details are endless.

For those interested in "the wedding watch", I can report that things are going relatively smoothly. We have responses for about half of our wedding guest list. There have been a few pleasant surprises; family we thought would not be interested in showing up has decided to come. Sadly there are also a number of people we hoped would show up but could not. Fiancee S. is worried about some of the non-respondents as well; because of room size and cost, we were not able to extend invitations to everyone in Fiancee S.'s family who invited her over the years. Fiancee S. fears that those relatives will feel snubbed. There have been few unpleasant surprises so far *fingers WAY crossed* -- very few people have insisted on bringing additional folks not originally on our guest list.

Fiancee S. and I will both be glad when her school year ends. About six of her students in her classroom of twenty this year have been real beasts, to the point that they have interfered with her ability to teach in her classroom at all. She comes home at the end of the day depressed because her daily activities primarily consist of riot control when these six students begin to act up en masse. She comes home frustrated and drained because her day is about students hitting and yelling at each other, students being downright insubordinate (she often hears surly cries of "I don't want to" from her troublemakers regarding the most mundane classroom activities), and getting negligible support from parents and administration. Given that she teaches in an urban Catholic school, I have posed the question "what exactly does it take to get thrown out of this school" out loud. I have not received a satisfactory answer.

Fiancee S. really enjoys teaching and interacting with children. It is therefore disheartening to see her come home everyday with a tale of some new outrage that occurred in her classroom. Fiancee S. has relied on me to be a supportive constant in the many changes and setbacks of the year... I can't say that this has had more than a fraction of the impact on me that it has had on her. Still, there has been an impact. I came home feeling despirited by events in my own work day yesterday, but, it is harder to share what I feel when I know the load that she shoulders on a daily basis.

Fortunately, all of this will change soon. There will be no more "rehearsal dinner" and "sunday brunch" guest lists. There will be no more cries of "I don't want to do that" and exaggerated bouts of boyish flatulence and burping. There will just be Dr. and Mrs. Geek, enjoying life together... at least until we decide to have kids. *grin*

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