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Life is full of steep ups and downs at the moment. There are a lot of things going on at work, at the moment. One of the byproducts of the two meetings from hell two weeks ago is a lot of work on a tight schedule for yours truly. For this and other efforts to "pull the fat out of the fire" in past, I have been awarded another bonus from Company O. -- but I will write more about that tomorrow.

The subject of today's entry is about some issues regarding my wedding to Mrs. Geek back in June. The biggest of these issues concerns our marriage license, and the fact that it is NOT in the public record at the County Assessor-Recorder's office. Mrs. Geek has been waiting for over a month to get official copies of our marriage certificate from the Assessor-Recorder in order to change her name (we're old fashioned that way.) Frustrated with a lack of response from the County bureaucracy, Mrs. Geek asked her father to go down to the County Building and search for our marriage records himself, just be sure that they were on file. They are not.

Twenty-four hours and several frantic phone calls later, and we have come to discover that our signed marriage license is in our file at the Church where we got married. It seems that the task of sending the marriage license is generally left to the Catholic priest on staff who performs the ceremony. Since one of Mrs. Geek's cousins performed the ceremony, our file at the Church got passed around through a few hands and everyone assumed that someone else was sending in the license. Mrs. Geek's Dad has assumed responsibility for hand delivering the license to the County tomorrow. Hopefully peace shall reign soon after that.

In other news, I invited two of my former professors to the wedding, both of whom did not show up. One sent word on the day of our wedding that he would not be attending because of a family health emergency. The fate of the other one was completely unknown... until last week. It seems that he also had family health issues to deal with; his 95 year old mother suddenly developed a heart problem and had a pacemaker inserted on our wedding day (heart surgery at 95 -- there's one tough old lady.) Between that, some other problems his mother has had since, and his own daughter's wedding, he's been a bit behind on his e-mail. So, it's good to hear that he's ok.

I also finally got an instant message the other day from S., our other AWOL wedding guest. She sent the following tidbit:

I want you to know I've tried to put the words togehter (sic.) to explain why I didn't make it to the wedding or call, but to date I haven't been able to get it right. I want to apologize for my incosiderateness (sic.) and for any cost my absence caused. I haven't been able to attend any wedding (sic.) of late, my own feelings of loss overwhelm me and it seems so unfair to inflict that on a friend who is enjoying their special day. I am truly sorry.
I should point out here that her loss is a certain melancholia over her love life and choices in men. Given that others who attended our wedding suffered far worse in the last year, or had the courtesy to let us know that they were not attending ahead of time, I have nothing more to say... really. Best just to move on. Nothing to see here.

said drgeek on 2004-09-15 at 1:01 p.m.


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