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Christmas and Christmas II

I currently write to you from The Land of My Birth. The last week or so has proven to be very busy for me and Mrs. Geek. I'll try to give a quick blow-by-blow of our holiday experiences just go get all of you up to date.

The week leading up to Christmas was all about cooking for me. I was asked to bring dessert items to dinner on Christmas Day, and proceeded to bake up a storm. I made my Mom's fruitcake, a batch of homemade fudge (Mary See's "Original" recipe), and pecan pie at a pace of more or less one item each night after I got home from work at night. We also re-cycled some Hershey Peanut Blossom cookies that I made the previous week. More about this later, however.

Christmas Eve was spent with Mrs. Geek's father's side of the family. We had dinner at the house of Mrs. Geek's stepbrother J. and his partner R. Dinner was a joyous delicious affair of oxtail soup and roast turkey all made by R. Dessert was homemade apple and blueberry pies also made by R., supplemented by a plate of fruitcake, cookies, and fudge brought by Mrs. Geek and yours truly. It was my first time experiencing oxtail soup -- though truly this was more stew than soup because the broth was so thick. We capped the evening off by exchanging and opening presents as "Secret Santa". We gave a music stand to Mrs. Geek's step-nephew, H. I got a bottle of Port finish Glenmorangie single malt. My Mom was pleased to hear that more than one in-law who tried her cake said "well, I guess this is not the one fruitcake that's been circling the globe for all these years, finally cut up -- this is delicous!".

Mrs. Geek and I attended Midnight Mass at the Church where we were married six months ago. Choristers and those of a musical bent may be interested in a detailed round-up of the carols and Mass parts executed that night. A more detailed entry to follow will discuss this. For now, I will just say that there was forty-five minutes of caroling by the church choir prior to the Mass, Mass parts were generally by Proulx, with a part or two from Haydn's Missa Nicolas Sancti and (arranged?) organ music by Monteverdi.

Christmas Day dinner was spent with Mrs. Geek's (late) mother's side of her family. This was a combination of grilled beef and smoked salmon supplemented with our pecan pie, more fruitcake, more fudge, and the peanut blossom cookies. Knowing that one of Mrs. Geek's more distant relations was also something of a single malt fiend, I brought along some of the Compass Box Eleuthra. We also brought gifts for relations on this side of the family -- an iTunes gift card, some Disney-related gear, the LEGO Moss Iseley cantina, some Jack Daniel's coffee, and a Waterford crystal shamrock. Everything was well-received by all. I got some interesting marinades and BBQ dry rubs in return.

Sunday was spent dismembering our Christmas tree. That task was largely completed by noon, and then spent the afternoon running a couple errands and doing a little shopping.

Monday was spent in transit from to the Land of My Birth. The trip went largely without incident though we were briefly delayed during a connection at Washington's Dulles airport. Bad weather in the Eastern U.S. was delaying incoming flights and it appeared that the captain of our plane was MIA. We don't exactly where he was during all this, but it left us with an extra 90 minutes or so to wonder if we should head out to an adjoining terminal to get something substantial to eat, or just stick it out. We were paranoid and decided to stick it out.

Since then, Mrs. Geek and I have largely enjoyed sleeping late in the morning and just laying about, relaxing. We went out to a family-style Italian restaurant last night to celebrate my birthday earlier in the month and Mrs. Geek's coming birthday in a couple weeks. I got a couple cookbooks and Mrs. Geek got some jewelry and scrapbooking supplies -- which proved to be a point of contention for Mrs. Geek with her relations because a lot of her family didn't even acknowledge my birthday, much less give any gifts at all.

Tonight we are gearing up for a delayed Christmas celebration with my relations. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew have come to town and my Aunt has returned from the Land of the Confederacy where she spent Christmas day with her son's family -- including my goddaughter K. We will be exchanging (delayed) Christmas gifts tomorrow morning and returning home on Saturday.

Peace on earth and many prayers the many, MANY dead and suffering due to tsunami damage in Asia.

said drgeek on 2004-12-30 at 5:22 p.m.


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