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Since I seem to be suffering from a touch of ennui at the moment, I've decided to focus on things that might make me happy.

Some toadies might be nice. You know, people who follow you around and say "yes boss" all the time, and get you stuff like juice, coffee, and donuts. It would also be nice if they could all play instruments. I could make them learn some personal theme music that they could play while I walk. It might be nice to have them play something like the theme from Shaft, but I'm just a little too white bread suburban for that. Something more Angelo Bandalamenti would probably be better... like the "Bookhouse Boys" theme from Twin Peaks. That would be cool.

Some powertools and a big workshop space would also be nice. I've been having this illogical need to learn how to make furniture lately. Perhaps it is simply the Geek living room set has seen better days. Or it is the fact that Mrs. Geek wants a new desk for what passes for a den in our apartment. It could be some sort of nesting instinct for the house that Mrs. Geek and I want to buy but can't really afford. I could make big bookcases... and cabinets... and a dining room set. I would have the upholstery contracted to someone else, of course... but we could finally sit all those family-members around the table at once. Of course, I would probably have to make the table first to give the toadies someplace to sit while I go off and make bookshelves... or kitchen cabinets.

It would be nice to have some friends who made wine for a living. Maybe they would start out making wine in warehouse space adjoining to my workshop space. Eventually, they would get good enough that they could buy some land and go out on their own. We would trade wine for furniture at first... just as a friendly thing, but I would eventually be asked to put together the bar for their tasting room. I would get free tastings for myself and up to five guests for life. Of course, I wouldn't take the toadies to tastings. I'd probably get them the high end label at dramatically reduced prices for Christmas, or something.

A personal trainer and yoga instructor would be very nice. Mrs. Geek and I could both take advantage of that. We've talked about going to yoga classes together for a while... but I work out in the morning, and she works out in the afternoon. With a personal yoga instructor at our beck and call, we could have yoga classes whenever we want. Maybe some pilates too. The toadies could have their own yoga classes, if they want them, when I am having lunch.

It would nice to be able to stir fry again. I wouldn't say no to a nice big 48" Wolf dual fuel gas range, with gas burners and electric ovens... but seeing as how that probably costs almost as much as some cars, I'd settle for a nice deck with where I could use a propane burner with impugnity. I miss being able to make a good pepper steak, or that szechuan chicken with the blackened dry chilis that once chased my roomate J. out of the apartment wheezing. Heck, I might even be able to finally learn how to stir fry tofu. I miss stir frying. Heck, I'd probably even stir fry for the toadies. They would have to go out to the store to get the ingredients. I'd definitely cook for the winemakers next door. They could bring wine.

Ok, I've changed my mind... I guess I don't want the toadies. They'd probably eat all the leftovers out of the fridge and leave coffee rings all over the furniture. Plus, we wouldn't want them getting the carpets dirty, so there would be a large pile of shoes near the door every time they came over. But I guess it would be nice to have someone go to the store for me to buy groceries.

It would be nice to live somewhere that is walking distance from a nice little downtown area. Someplace with a decent neighborhood bar that hasn't been wholly gentrified -- no Antarctican tapas/power water bars please -- a row of bright friendly shops, and a movie theater that serves real popcorn. A decent record store would also be welcome.

Finally, I find myself wishing I had time to play music again. I find myself in touch with some people I knew in my days as a band geek... and I miss that side of myself. I feel somewhat jealous of some of the bloggers I read who say "oh yeah, got together with so-and-so the other night and played". I'd love to be able to do that again.

said drgeek on 2006-04-25 at 12:27 p.m.


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