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Independence Day fireworks

Yesterday was an interesting day for its many and uneven qualities. Please note: interesting does not necessarily equate with good in this case. No, it was a day of many ups and downs.

The day started off humorously enough while I was doing some grocery shopping. An older British gentleman was wandering around the local grocery store trying to raise spirits by telling jokes. I don't know if he does this every Tuesday morning, because I'm usually working. In my case, he came up to me while I was checking out the "olive bar" and told me a rather off color joke about Queen Victoria that does not bear repeating. I let out a chuckle, and he checked to make sure that I was not offended. I kept thinking: oh the irony, to hear a dirty joke about a British royal on the day in which we "colonials" commemorate our declaration of an end to monarchy.

Mrs. Geek and I spent the next few hours snarling at each other, once I got home. Our apartment is in sore need of some reorganization. Neither of us are "everything has its place and belongs in it" neat freaks, but we do have standards... and our apartment has become so cluttered that it is impossible to really make it neat beyond the "everything has its pile, and belongs in it" stage. I don't know what finally pushed Mrs. Geek over the edge on this, but she had a very emotional response to all the clutter and demanded that we do something about it right away. I'm still feeling rather burnt out, and was hoping to spend a rather quiet day doing as little as possible... which I realized was not going happen after watching Mrs. Geek pace about the apartment like a caged animal. She snarled at me because the mess was making her uneasy... and I was snarling at her because I wasn't on the sofa, leisurely enjoying one of the six Company O. paid holidays I get every year. In the end, we cleaned a few shelves, cleared up a few old piles, made a few new piles, and attacked the whole pile problem by agreeing to purchase nearly $1000 in new furniture in the next few months (including some IKEA BONDE shelves and the mother of all mission-style media cabinets.)

After this, I did some cooking. I was watching Lidia's Family Table over the weekend in which Lidia was doing interesting things with chicken, capers, olives, and marinara sauce. Though I could not find the exact recipe on her web site, I figured I could approximate without much difficulty. I made a batch of tomato sauce from scratch, dusted some chicken breasts with flour and sauteed them, covered the breasts with the sauce, added some sicilian olive salad (with garlic and pepperoncini), capers and red wine, and topped each breast with some fresh mozzarella cheese. Et voila! A delicious dinner entree!

I ended the day watching a very odd mixture of TV. Mrs. Geek and I have been watching the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version of Pride & Prejudice on DVD. We watched that for an hour or two before Mrs. Geek chose to retire. I elected to stay up later than I should, and started watching Damnation Alley. I kept thinking two things as I watched the film: I wanted to hear George Peppard say "I love it when a plan comes together", and I kept thinking how the "Landmaster" in the film got re-used as the "Paperboy 2000" in Chris Elliott's short-lived sitcom Get A Life.

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