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busy, busy weekend

This weekend has been full to the gills with activities.

The most significant was re-building a bed frame. One of Mrs. Geek's good friends got a hand-made wooden bed frame from her brother as a wedding gift. They now have two young boys, who took to jumping up and down on their parents bed one day too often. One of the side rails broke. They decided to get a new bed. They initially thought they would put it up on Craiglist, but decided to see if they could give it to friends who could make good use of it. As we've been sleeping on the metal bed frame I got with my mattress set in the summer of 2001 with no headboard or footboard, we happily said yes. Some wood filler, screws, glue, and toothpicks(?!?) later, we have a lovely new bed, with a wonderful history. I performed the fixes yesterday, we let the glue dry overnight, and we assembled the bed today. We're looking forward to our first night on it tonight.

I've also been doing some work for Company O. this weekend. We're leaving town next Sunday, and I have to complete a series of software tests. I also got a request from a colleague at work (who I would very much not mind working for at a future date) to run some tests for him before I leave town as well. My manager approved the "extra credit" work as I call it, as long as it doesn't mess with my regular duties. So, I had to take a couple hours yesterday to fix some structural problems with the testing... I wasn't able to fix them all, but I was able to fix enough that I could run some tests yesterday and today.

I also had to do some work for my "second job" this weekend. The school year at Mrs. Geek's school has ended. We spent some time this week upgrading the security measures on the campus wireless network. Not everything went quite as planned, so we had to make a visit yesterday to do additional upgrades and testing. Judging by the number of student computers that need to go into the shop at the end of the school year, I am dismayed at the care that students take with the equipment.

I also did some garden work. We have a LARGE lavender plant in our front yard, that bloomed prodigiously in April. The first blooms are now growing old. Following the advice Mrs. Geek's stepmom, we elected to trim away some of the old blooms in the hope that the plant will begin a second bloom. Have we killed the plant? I hope not.

Herb garden update: *fingers crossed* everything is ok. A warm spell a few weeks ago, caused some browning on some of the leaves of the basil plant... but it is now almost a foot tall. The replacement oregano plant is busting out all over the place. The replacement thyme plant is looking healthy. The replacement rosemary plant is also growing nicely. I think I may need to harvest some herbs just to keep some of the plants manageable.

Finally, I completed phase 1 of a long overdue rebuild of my mountain bike. I used to ride to work a lot during my days as a grad student. I've only been on the bike once or twice in the time since I graduated and started at Company O. An extended stay on the covered balcony of my apartment has left the bike dirty, a little rusty, and in need of new tires and tubes. I finally found a bike store I like and got some new tires. I went for a short bike ride this afternoon, with Mrs. Geek along on a razor scooter I gave her shortly after we started dating. Once she gets back into practice with her roller blades, we may start riding/blading together.

That's it for now.

said drgeek on 2008-06-15 at 6:38 p.m.


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