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two hundred entries later

This missive places the number of entries in my diary at an even two hundred. Since I completely missed the one year anniversary of this diary, I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at some of my earlier entries and provide some updates.

Despite advice to Britney Spears from her sexy navel, Britney seems to mostly be interested in being a dancer rather than a singer. I happened to catch part of her latest concert special on Showtime and you could tell that just about everything was lip-synced. That's really the only big objection I have about Ms. Spears. She doesn't respect the music enough to perform it herself live. Instead, you go for this stage extravaganza that is mostly a dance and constume change experience. I think her sexy navel would also tell her to cut down on the cigarette smoking. Perhaps the reason that she can't dance and sing live is her lungs can't handle it?

I've modified my position somewhat about where all the music has gone. I've decided that my original observations are still true, but, I also now realize that I'm just not taking as active interest in finding new music as I once was. Artists I like have come out with new discs in the last year, but I've been spending more of my disposable income on DVD's, wine, whiskey, gourmet food, and computer parts.

Despite my early opinions, Lisa Marie Presley's first CD wasn't actually all bad. Music critics who seemed ready to feast on roadkill were actually generally surprised.

Some statements by my future groomsmen have laid some of my fears about a bachelor party night of strippers and mayhem to rest, but the possibility worries me.

Fiancee S. still regards my description of St. Patrick's Day dinner with her family as classic.

Though I can report recent progress, my struggle to condition my body continues and it proving to be slow going. There is very definitely some part of me that wants to get into the best shape of my life. I just hope that my love of good food and good wine doesn't prevent that.

Some of my stress about what I am doing at Company O. has eased off during the last year. The fact that I finally got a bonus a few months back provided some much needed feedback that my work there is valued. The work itself also became more interesting during the last year. I still need to develop additional skills though.

Gigli did suck, pretty much as I and many others predicted. Personally, I'm glad that I don't see J Lo on the screen every time I turn on the TV.

Easter Sunday dinner this year involved a number of jokes about how it would probably be a much less stressful day for me, seeing as how I wasn't going to be asking my future father-in-law for a ring and all.

I am dismayed that despite a lukewarm economy at home and a rather chaotic situation in Iraq, the American public seems to still have faith in the vision for the world put forward by the fat, lazy bastards in office, drunk on power.

Living together with Fiancee S. has worked out well. It seems that we're still fighting a guerilla war with boxes though. The current offenders: bridal shower gifts.

My mother's health is good, nearly a year after kidney surgery.

As norther California is an important center of development and growth in my chosen profession, I have still been keeping an eye on political happenings there. Though Arnold "the Governator" Scharzenegger showed some early interest in innovation, he's lately taken letting state services whither away due to financial neglect. It's gotten so bad that San Francisco State University threatened to close down their entire School of Engineering. I still wonder if Anna Kournekova wouldn't have made just as good a governor.

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica has turned out to be a hit. I guess I wouldn't make a very good director of programming for television.

I was pleased to learn that the Supreme Court agreed with me that "soft" political contributions are bad. This, of course, has stopped no one from raising hugely exorbitant sums to be elected.

Fiancee S. showed her friend I. my entry about beautiful weddings. I. now wants to say something to everyone at our wedding rehearsal.

My return to dental sanity was shaken recently when Dentist 2.0 announced that he was moving to Minnesota so his wife can be closer to her family. He has found Dentist 2.1 to take over his practice, but, I still had worries about shifting levels of dental care from my time with Dentist 0.9a and Dentist 1.0. All is well though. I had my teeth cleaned earlier this week and got to meet Dentist 2.1. She seems cool, and, more importantly, did not look in my mouth an immediately suggest a lot of corrective work.

I happened to catch the new MTV series I Want A Famous Face that follows the lives of wanting to get plastic surgery to look more like famous people. I saw the episode featuring a young woman named Sha, who wanted to get D-cup or bigger breast implants to look more like Pamela Anderson. It underlined my observation that living on your looks is hard.

I've temporarily given up on doing yoga in order to concentrate on other parts of my physical conditioning regimen. I'll get back to it though. It gives me something I need.

The situation with Corvette Guy continues to fascinate and perplex us. We've seen him around the building with a wife or girlfriend, but, they seem to often fight. Likewise, more than one angry cell phone call has been observed. The Corvette has also periodically reappeared, though we now note that it is covered with white primer in places. His contractor truck and the Ford Escort also make regular appearances. The Cadillac has disappered.

I lament the fact that John Kerry appears to trail George W. "Shrub" Bush in the polls for the Presidential Fall Classic. I wonder if I could move to Canada for a couple years if there is a second Bush term?

I just heard from Fiancee S.'s friend C. about yesterday's entry. She said: Go Dr. Geek! She's also a bridesmaid in our wedding and evidently agrees that A. has no business in a strapless dress. Go C.! For this, and many, many more reasons, you rock!

said drgeek on 2004-04-21 at 1:27 p.m.


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